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They Hide In The Dark


A father must protect his children from vengeful spirits who have brought forth a demonic entity intent on taking a soul.


Genre: Horror/Supernatural-Demonic

OPTIONED - Krafthaus Films Ltd [NZ]

DIRECTOR ATTACHED - David Stubbs  - Daffodils, The Possession of Janet Moses



“I wanted to tell you that I just read your script and it is terrifying! I got chills up and down my spine constantly. The whole thing has such an amazing haunting tone. Very, very well done. I don't think I could actually watch the whole film without closing my eyes and covering my ears in parts.”

Galen Fletcher - Independent Producer

"You had me all the way through. Totally terrifying!"

Fiona Copland - Independent Producer

Something lurks below the dirty Well water in the Goodliffe house. Alex turns 17, Nikki gets her period and the trigger is set.  The girls sense shadows in their room; their brother Steven feels something walk behind him up the stairs. Small incidents that gradually build to terrifying proportions. But their father's logical mind cannot tolerate supernatural mumbo-jumbo. Everything that has occurred can be explained away.  Struggling to find rational explanations and resentful of the help he must ask for, he gradually comes to see that things are happening to his children that defy everything he's come to know. And with the dark history he learns about his house, he realises the demonic forces below will destroy his family unless he allows himself to see what's hidden in the dark.


They Hide In The Dark screenplay by Kristi Barnett
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