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The Walls


A female prisoner has her new-born baby offered by a prison cult to a creature living in the walls and fights to get her child back.


Genre: Horror/Action


**FINALIST - Shriekfest & Mile High Horror Film Festival 2015

** HONOURABLE MENTION - British Horror Film Festival 2015

"Haunting and memorable. An excellent premise for a horror movie. THE WALLS boldly blends a range of horror paradigms and something quite unique comes out of the mix”. – Shriekfest Horror Festival 


"Thank you for a compelling and absolutely terrifying submission. I think that the greatest strength of this script was that there was no hesitation in description of the horrifying events and details that occurred. Dedication to an honest depiction of the macabre gave the story credibility and honestly would make it difficult to look away from any onscreen production". - Fresh Voices


Kayla is a woman whom the scum of earth would trample on; the kind of woman who’s been told by her Mama that this is the way things are.  So when she finds herself pregnant and going to prison for killing her boyfriend in self-defence, it’s just another shitty life blow she has to deal with; even when she’s victimised into submission by the inmates.  But she soon realises they all show an unhealthy obsession with her baby and when she sees first-hand the terror that forces guards and inmates to offer up babies to the evil behind the walls, she finally becomes a stronger woman who won’t let shit happen to her any longer.  She goes into the walls and confronts the creature, making the ultimate sacrifice to save her child.


The Walls screenplay by Kristi Barnett
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