They Hide In The Dark

A supernatural demonic horror in the vein of Poltergeist and Insidious.

Dark entities are awake, brought back by a freak combination of teenage energy – a sexual awakening and blood from a young girl as she moves into womanhood.  Vengeful spirits attached to the land come forth and unleash a demonic creature living in the well in the basement. She demands sacrifice in return for “enlightenment”.

Justin, a recently widowed father struggling to keep his family together tries to carry on with his ordinary life but the house slowly comes alive with activity centering around his three children, in particular his 17 year old daughter Alex.  She is plagued by visions of sacrificial rituals, burnt men and a ghastly robed priest watching her as she sleeps.   His sensitive younger daughter Nikki senses a dark energy linked to the basement but knows her father won’t believe her.  Justin’s 14 year old son Steven feels something walking behind him on the stairs and takes it upon himself to look after the family.


They confront Justin, urging him to take action – he refuses, insisting there are valid explanations – after all, he hasn’t seen anything.  Only when he witnesses Alex seemingly being violently pulled under the bed does he reluctantly decide to investigate. Emma, a young Paranormal investigator, sets up camera’s hoping to provide a rational explanation to events, but she too is soon playing witness to Alex’s disintegration and eventual possession by the demon – Serumpus. Justin is overwhelmed, barely able to come to terms with what’s terrorising his family – he calls for Father Gibbs, the local priest, hoping to calm his kids – yet at the mention of Serumpus, the priest refuses to help.


Justin is forced to go back to his children to face their resentment and his lack of control. Through guilt the priest goes to the house to face the demon and the vengeful spirits who brought it through, spirits of men he had a hand in destroying. Justin forces the priest to rectify his past, pushing him to the old well in the basement to cleanse his house and his daughter Alex. The priest knows vengeance is what the spirits want and is consumed by a fiery death as they once suffered.


Through the chaos, no one realises the demon has an agenda of its own – the one thing it demands - Sacrifice.  Alex is being used to lure her family to the well where one member will be lost to the demonic entity – shattering Justin to the core. There are things around us we can’t always see.  There are things around us we choose not to see.  They Hide In The Dark takes us back to when horrors made you want to leave your light on at night.

They Hide In The Dark