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The Psychic


Haunted by visions of the departed, a psychic takes a chance at turning his life around when an ambitious producer offers him his own TV show that goes horribly wrong.


Genre: Supernatural Drama/MOW


Sebastion Faulkner sees things.  His psychic gift is all he knows. It's a blessing and a curse, making him feel like a freak; hardly able to go out for his fear of visions. His one link to feeling normal is his girlfriend Jennifer. But when he realizes her parents think he's a loser he starts to worry she'll leave him for someone better. When he's offered to be a TV Psychic he goes for it, hoping to change his life. All it does is make people question him. Is he genuine? He becomes a star but  his visions disturb him. He loses his gift just when he needs it the most., climaxing in a humiliating experience that makes him value what he had.


The Psychic screenplay by Kristi Barnett
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