(And author of the classic book I Pretended I Wrote A Classic Book). I write all genres with horror and comedy a speciality. I do make myself laugh so I must be funny and I often scare myself too. Available for writing assignments and commissions.   Please read my Screenplays section and if you're interested in my work; would like to collaborate; you're an agent or manager of the literary kind or you're Spielberg; then contact me for a chat.


You have a script and need some notes. Why not check out the various services on offer from my script reader website at Mindspawn Media. Here's a bit of kudos to help with your decision:

New Zealand Writers Guild:

“Some high praise passed on to you, for your efforts in the Script Assessment service: “Once again the quality of the feedback was excellent.  Please say a big thank you to the reader – the comments were wonderful and helped me with a total re-write of the script which we are currently casting and will film in late November.”  

Philantos Films:

“All the critiques are now in (6 total).  After a cursory review, yours was the most thoughtful (and two of the reviewers are well-respected professional consultants)”. “Our internal person agreed with many of your assessments. Our reader (very intelligent woman, with a doctorate) made it crystal clear to me that you were spot on with your assessments”.


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