The Board


A prisoner takes a parole board hostage, bringing to question their own morals to make sure he gets his release.


Genre: Drama/Thriller

*Director/Producer attached - REBECCA O'BRIEN  [NZ/AUS] 

*(Semi Finals:  Your Script Produced 2020/2021)

*(Finalist:  SWANZ {screenwriters awards NZ} 2016)

*(Finalist:  Red Planet Prize 2010)

*Stageplay version now available

"You've written a very powerful dynamic dramatic script that delivers the goods. All aspects including strong characters, sparse to the point scene descriptions, edgy dialogue, dramatic tension and well balance structure all hold together well over the length of the script". - Gerben Cath - Producer/Director (NZ)


When Lionel Tasman goes in front of the parole board for the fourth time in his life he realises he's not going to get the outcome he desires. Holding the board members hostage, he embarks on a tirade of careful manipulation, designed to bring out the worst in the people who have his life in their hands.  They each have something to hide and Tasman carefully dissects their character making them realise that the question of who's good and bad is not an easy one to answer.


The Board screenplay by Kristi Barnett