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I Hate People


An angry kiwi woman living in New York is frustrated with nasty people, and is told by a shrink she must find good humans to be happy. She goes on a hilarious and weird journey with her friends to find the elusive nice person.


Genre: Comedy/Drama


**FINALIST - Broad Humor Festival 2013

** WINNER COMEDY FEATURE  - Tableread My Screenplay 2010


“I Hate People is a story with strong characters, some dazzling imagery, and hilarious dialogue and story moments”. - Script Savvy

"The humor was spot on. The movie straddled the line of comedy and drama very successfully.” – BlueCat Screenplay


Andrea is a disillusioned, in the closet, New Zealand woman in New York, fed up with society. When a psychiatrist tells her she needs to realise there are good people around to feel happy, she sets on a surreal and quirky mission to find decent humans.  With her friends Melissa and Joe trying to help, she hangs out with various “do-gooders”, but soon finds they're not as good as they think. When a tragic event occurs to the only person who made her feel good, an old woman with no teeth, Andrea's faith in people plummets to an all-time low.  It’s only when she risks her life during a bus accident, that the goodness of people starts to shine, and she realises what she was looking for was staring her in the face all along.


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