Elephant Kiss


Four kids who want to give their dying dog one last adventure, go on a dangerous and hilarious quest to find Mythra, the magical elephant who can cure animals with a kiss from her trunk.


Genre: Kids Adventure / Coming of Age

* "If Amblin Entertainment took Pixar’s Onward and set it in our world, you’d get Elephant Kiss...Elephant Kiss is everything that’s great about film – it’s clever, it’s touching, and it’s entertaining... Protect this script. That’s not a very impartial or objective note. But it’s an honest one. This script is in the 95th percentile of material out there, and don’t let anyone tell you different". Script-Fix 


Jess and her three friends decide to give their dying dog a final adventure and follow an incomplete comic book that can lead them to a mythical land where the dog can be cured by the kiss from a magical elephant. They're led to dangerous terrains and have to use their imaginations to fill in the gaps of the story, where their wacky ideas come to life, creating fantastical challenges and beasts. They finally realise they can reach the land by using the power of their minds, but have to leave their dog in the paradise realm to survive. They return to find the comic book creator was guiding them all along and come to realise the power of belief and imagination.


Elephant Kiss Screenplay by Kristi Barnett