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39 Days


A resentful couple are stranded on a life-raft when the boyfriend becomes infected by a vicious virus that mutates him, forcing them against each other.


Genre: Body Horror



Sasha and Carl are drifting apart in more ways than one.  Sasha knows things about Carl and is trying to find the best way to leave but Carl is still in love and tries to save their relationship by taking her on his old sailboat. After the boat sinks during a mysterious storm, they’re forced into a life raft with barely any rations and no chance of being seen.  Out of desperation Carl eats an eel infected by the peculiar jellyfish swarming their raft and begins behaving strangely.  Sasha is trapped with an obsessive man she no longer loves as he slowly mutates into a gelatinous hybrid of a monster.  His mind is infested with delusions of immortality and he wants Sasha to become like him.  Sasha must spend days on an unusual sea fighting starvation, impending madness and the creature her boyfriend is turning into as he becomes increasingly desperate to feed her so she may live with him forever.


39 Days screenplay by Kristi Barnett
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