The Walls

A horror/action

It’s 1971 inside a women’s prison in Missouri where the correctional officers and Warden need some correcting themselves.  Human scum permeates at all levels and that’s just how things are. So it is that the prisoners listen as the Warden rapes a young pregnant woman known as Daddy’s Girl.  He tells her if she doesn’t enjoy it next time he’ll cut that thing out of her.  In the next cell, A Tattooed Lady with symbols of hate inked in her flesh takes great interest – a plan brews.  


She convinces a gullible Daddy’s Girl to take part in a ritual to protect her baby. A few nights later in the cells, an old black woman with her own dark secrets of voodoo, listens, Mrs Duprey – she knows the sound of evil.  

Chanting wakes the inmates.  The Warden comes to the cells to satisfy his dick.  CHAOS!  Tattooed Lady pins him to her bars choking him with a sheet, it’s now or never for her; do it!  Daddy’s Girl cuts her wrist.  The ground shakes; the Warden gasps for breath.  A Demon rises from a mass of flies erupting from the floor, to the terror of Daddy’s Girl and the other inmates!   Tattooed Lady screams for the demon to take her two offerings, the warden and the baby.  But the ritual goes wrong when a guard, Lionel, rushes in with backup and shoots Tattooed Lady dead.  The incantations are interrupted and the demon is pissed.  It taps the note pad, urging her to speak the words – she shakes her head, terrified.  So be it.  The Demon shoves its hand between Daddy’s Girl’s legs, killing her baby.  It grabs her cheeks and vomits black gunk into her mouth.  Daddy’s Girl withers into a grotesque dead version of herself.  The Demon throws her inside a hole that crumbled from the wall.  It seals closed; the Demon disappears in a swarm of flies into the floor of the cell, leaving a curse on the prison.  And so their hell begins.


The town has been alerted.  Priests come and go saying their words, spreading their holy water.  A hole is dug into the walls of the furnace room, no one wants to search inside.  After many blessings, a young guard goes in.  Moments later, a caterwauling shriek signals he’s found something.  His decapitated head rolling out of the wall signals that the “something” isn’t coming out.  The large furnace is hauled over the hole.  The inmates wait in fear, knowing something wicked is in the prison.  They soon find what it wants – as a pregnant woman goes into labour in her own cell, abandoned by the scared staff.  The inmates watch in terror as something horrid comes out of the walls and rips the new-born from her.  The hole seals itself up as the baby’s cries echoes within the walls. The Governor threatens to raze the prison and the prisoners to the ground for fear of the cursed woman reaching the town.  He will take the consequence.  The Warden convinces him he can fix the problem.  The gates are shut, crucifixes hang from the steel.  The wounded Warden watches as the town leaves him to deal with the evil behind the walls in the hope he can contain it.  On the metal gates, the prison motto carved in steel:  JUDGEMENT AND REDEMPTION.


Hard Cut: 1976 –KAYLA is a woman whom the scum of earth would trample on; the kind of woman who’s been told by her Mama that this is the way things are. So when she finds herself pregnant and going to prison for killing her boyfriend in self-defence, it’s just another shitty life blow she has to deal with; even when she’s victimised into submission by the inmates. She soon realises they all show an unhealthy obsession with her baby and that there are way too many pregnant women for one prison.


Something isn’t right.   The WARDEN orders an “inspection”.  That night, Kayla sees a creature emerge from the walls ready to pick a new baby.  The withered GROTESQUE WOMAN chooses Kayla’s baby but something odd happens; a glow appears from her womb - and the prison top dog, BITCH and the Warden see it happen.  Kayla’s baby is special.  They want to get the child to the creature hoping the thing will finally be appeased and the terror will stop.   Her only ally is an old voodoo woman, MRS DUPREY who takes a shine to Kayla’s courage and kindness.  She uses her magic to protect Kayla and her unborn from the eventual offering.  The Warden finds out and realising his plan to offer Kayla’s baby may be thwarted, he tries to appease the creature by offering another one in the meantime – the inmates are livid! They know Kayla’s baby may stop all this and they ain’t playing ball anymore. The prison brims on the edge of chaos.  ayla finally becomes a stronger woman who won’t let shit happen to her any longer.  She learns from Mrs Duprey what she must do to stop the creature but the baby cannot be inside her if he is to survive.  She offers to let her baby be taken just as a riot erupts.


Bitch and minions go tribal, guards and Warden fight to the death as Kayla is taken to have her baby offered.   When the creature emerges and takes the child; Kayla fights her way out of Bitch’s clutch and goes into the walls to confront the grotesque thing.  She makes the ultimate sacrifice to save her child just as Mrs Duprey’s protection spell comes into effect, bursting from within Kayla and washing over the creature’s corpse laden lair.  Thanks to Kayla’s final act of selflessness for her child, a miracle takes place among the darkness and the town will forever remember the secret of Kayla Wilson and horror that once took place behind The Walls.

The Walls