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A drama/thriller


Lee TASMAN was convicted of murder and has spent years in prison seeking parole for a crime of justice where a loved one was brutally assaulted in front of Tasman’s daughter.


Today is one of the hottest of the year and it’s the fourth time Tasman will stand in front of the Board to convince them to sign a parole release. The Board are three people whose lives are about to change.

They treat Tasman with disrespect and disregard; another criminal in another parole hearing. But when they finish their line of questioning and tell the GUARD to take Tasman away… the Guard stays firm, under the instructions of Tasman. His intimidating presence assures that the board will not leave until Tasman has finished with them.


Tasman begins to disseminate the character of each board member:

COWBOY: His unswerving conviction that Tasman deserves everything for being a murderer. Yet he holds a secret that Tasman needs him to admit on tape.

LIBRARY GIRL: Her sexual provocations that have given her many advantages in life. But she’s fallen in love with a very unsavoury character in the room and Tasman needs her to understand she’s being used.

BIGMAN: Seemingly innocent, until Tasman uncovers a rather distasteful side to him that is used to blackmail him to signing.

Tasman begins to play each character off trying to get them to convict themselves on the device recording them.


What follows is a tense situation in which Tasman gradually brings out the real people they are; showing them that their immoral lives have been found out by someone on the outside, and bringing into question their façade of law abiding citizens.

The Board
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