A short horror-thriller


Robert is intent on living the bachelor lifestyle, unable to commit or take responsibility – not even to his girlfriend Karla.


When he’s lured to an ex’s house to help her cope with motherhood, he finds a crazed woman intent on making him mutilate his manhood because he persuaded her to adopt their own baby off years ago.


The ex -girlfriend Nicole, seems to have gone psycho. But Robert doesn’t realise there’s someone in the baby’s room; a killer with a sinister mask who wants to teach them both a lesson in parenthood. He’s got a crazy friend calling themselves The Unwanted, who’s taken Robert’s girlfriend hostage. When Robert sees a terrifying video message from Karla that he’s going to be a father, things get bad. He’s got a lesson to learn.


The intruder forces both he and Nicole to confront their past, tying them to a chair and terrorising their loved ones. Robert soon understands the psychotic masked man is connected to him – the mistake he and Nicole made years ago.


And when he hears the anguished screams of his pregnant girlfriend, he’s forced to do exactly what the man wants… with the knife he’s offering.


He gets a crash course in the value of fatherhood and comes to understand the impact he’s had on the intruder’s life when the mask is removed and he sees the son he never wanted staring at him. The young man leaves a traumatised defeated Robert groaning in pain, knowing the new Dad will never give up on his children again.