Problems Of The Soul

A long short dark comedy 


Problems Of The Soul Man.  He has no name, he is simply Man.  And his life from birth to death has been filled with the kind of hedonistic fun that only a Greek God would approve. A short glimpse of his life shows him peeing in his father's face as a baby; bullying the girls in the playground, getting into fights, drugs, drink and sexual escapades.


When he finally realises his behaviour has left him a lonely old drunk, he decides to end it with the ultimate no-no for a soul; suicide. After hanging himself in an alleyway, the Man finds himself in the afterlife, standing in a long college like corridor.  His Guide approaches him and asks him what the hell he thought he was doing being so frivolous with his life. He sheepishly admits he was only having fun but when the Guide asks him what he learnt, his joking response about drinking doesn't go down well.


As a warning he is shown through two doors: The first; a room with peaceful looking souls being touched by Guides; the last stage of being cleansed.  This doesn't seem too bad to the Man.  But the second is a room full of madness and fear; naked souls going through the first stages of the reconditioning program. The Man is told that he too will have to be reconditioned as he's wasted his opportunities to learn from his many lives.  However, he is given one last chance to prove he can evolve; he must go back to Earth for a final 15 minutes and help a desperate soul as she too is about to kill herself.


Back in his body, he wakes to find the noose around his neck and a Woman below him about to blow her brains out.  He spends the next 15 minutes trying to convince her to do it.  His Guide is flabbergasted and all but gives up as he watches through a peep hole in the door. But the Man's objectives may not be as selfish as they first appear, as he comes to know about the Woman's plight and shares his own mistakes in life.  


He not only convinces her that someone does care, but learns the valuable lesson needed for his own soul to progress... life is precious. MAN: "I was actually going to kill myself again but then I died".

Problems Of The Soul is a dark comedy about the precious gift of life.  It delves into the controversial issue of suicide and spirituality; yet through the character's humorous encounters, it rises above the seemingly light attitude and manages to bring through a message that promotes the idea that we are on a journey of growth in our lives.

Problems Of The Soul