A short dark comedy

Arthur Bunt is obsessed with time and order. His old dark house is his world and his world is ruled by his clocks. Yet somewhere deep down he longs for a connection to the outside. A cheeky paperboy is his only link beyond his window where he tries to lure Arthur out. Yet Arthur is content to stay inside
amidst the constant ticking.


When Arthur gets a rare Cuckoo clock, his life changes. He winds the clock and waits patiently for the bird to emerge. Tolls, chimes and all manner of sounds from his clocks… and from inside the cuckoo, a short fart.

Order turns to chaos when the little blue bird inside refuses to say "cuckoo".

Arthur’s perfect world falls to pieces with each flatulent sound. The bird taunts him with cancan dances and moonies.


He realises what a mess he’s become and tries to change, to make contact with the paperboy; but fails… he can’t bring himself to engage.

He snaps… this chaos must stop. The cuckoo must go!

In his wild and flustered state, he gets ready to destroy the clock. He sets the time and waits; eyes blazing.


The clocks go off, the house quiets down... the doors open... the bird shoots
out, massive and surreal!

It gobbles Arthur up, consuming the man consumed by time.

Image by Sarsha Drakeford: