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   At the time, I struggled to get people to understand what I was doing, and couldn't get any communication from various film commissions or even the company brands I used. However, without those brands and their technology for the time, none of this would've been possible. That being said, the people below did support me and I am deeply thankful to them for helping with advice, some publicity and mentorship.


Jake Taylor & James Abadi - @Combined_Mind

Chris Jones - @LivingSpiritpix,

Robert Pratten - @robpratten, @tStoryTeller,

Mina Zaher - @MinaZaher,

Paul Davis - @Kesslerboy,

Leoni Kibby - @LeoniKibby,

Jeremiah Quinn, Paul Stevenson - @hauntedmagazine,

Maxine Laurie and PyroMag - @maxinelaurie@Pyromag, - @BDisgusting,

Dread Central - @DreadCentral,

Gorepress - @Gorepress,

Daily Dead - @DailyDeadNews,

Filmoo - @Filmoo,

Tony Myers - @SmartMovieMaker,

Chris Williams - 7Media Ltd,

Croydon Safer Neighbourhood,

Tim Hodges & Ayshea Buksh - BBC London News,

Croydon Fancy Dress Hire,

HTC- @htc,


Twitter - @Twitter,

Tweetdeck - @Tweetdeck 

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