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The whole story took place over a 3 week live period on Twitter and Facebook. Afterwards, it became increasingly difficult to show people retrospectively what took place. I had tried to create a website where the tweets could be viewed in a more linear fashion with all the media links attached, but as each media platform changed or became defunct, the links became broken and the experience was not as dynamic as the live event.

Even my first attempt at this website as an archive many years ago, proved difficult with the limited designs at the time. 

This was a one-off audience and although I can't recreate what we did, I am extremely proud of the outcome.

Afterwards, I won a New Media award in the UK for People's Choice and I've had media students from around the world contact me for comment on what it was like creating such an early transmedia project.

The dregs of Karen Barley's story and her social media ghost, can be found all over the internet if you search hard enough. And her strange legacy lives on in the annals of transmedia and multimedia history.

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