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Services by Kristi Barnett - Mindspawn Media Limited



Hello! I'm an optioned screenwriter who's sold a screenplay and I've been working in the industry for over a decade, with screenplays at various degrees of development with producers. I  am offering my services as a script reader to give notes and feedback on your screenplays.  I've assessed scripts for Philantos Films in L.A and been a script reader for the New Zealand Writers Guild.  


I specialize in feature genre screenplays. That's what I write and that's what producers, directors, DoP's, script developers and creative directors praise me for and recognize my talent in.



I understand what makes an enticing genre script that producers pay attention to.



Feature film screenplays only except for Clean Me

Max 120pgs


**Have more Feature Film pages? Add a special instruction at checkout and I'll email a separate invoice at $2.50 per page


Turnaround time is usually around ten working days.


All currency is in New Zealand Dollars.

You don't need a paypal account! Pay by credit card at checkout.  Make sure you fill in your email.




Contact me for Invoice with details on Bank transfer.





“Some high praise passed on to you, for your efforts in the Script Assessment service:

“Once again the quality of the feedback was excellent.  Please say a big thank you to the reader – the comments were wonderful and helped me with a total re-write of the script which we are currently casting and will film in late November.”



Philantos Films:

“All the critiques are now in (6 total).  After a cursory review, yours was the most thoughtful (and two of the reviewers are well-respected professional consultants)”.

“Our internal person agreed with many of your assessments. Our reader (very intelligent woman, with a doctorate) made it crystal clear to me that you were spot on with your assessments”.





By submitting a script you agree that you are the exclusive author and owner of copyright in the script submitted to me for a report.   You agree that any ideas, concepts or characters in the script may be similar or identical to my own work past, present and being developed in future by myself or with third parties, and any such such similarity is unintentional and co-incidental.   You agree that you will not be entitled to any compensation because of the use by me of similar or identical material.  You acknowledge that prices and time frames are subject to change on the site at any time and US and GBP conversions are approximate only and will appear on your statement from a NZ conversion.

No Bull PDF Notes
Sweet and Sour Notes

$180.00 NZ (see currency converter)




via PDF only. Extensive remarks, comments, first impressions, random thoughts, suggestions and a comprehensive summary - all within the PDF.


Please make sure you have a PDF reader that can view the Adobe comments.



$270.00 NZ (see currency converter




5-8 pages: More personal notes with thoughts and improvements, giving a good understanding of what's working and what's not.


Logline, Premise/Theme/Audience/Tone,

Story/Plot/Pace/Dialogue, Emotional Impact, Characters, Voice/Visual Grammar/Formatting (if applicable), Conclusion.


Clean Me

$100.00 NZ (see currency converter)






$50.00 NZ (see currency converter)



Clean me provides proofreading for spelling, grammar and formatting errors only. I will ask for the document in PDF or similar word processing programme, highlight the mistakes with a blurb and send it back.


Discount Add On


Add $30.00 for Clean Me proofread when buying a script report.





Other currency amounts in the converter are approximate and for your reference only. You will be charged in New Zealand dollars.

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